The Plight of an Indian Woman, Sita

The various mythologies of India played a crucial role in shaping the present India and so the women in those mythologies. Many Asian women worship and respect the ladies of the Indian mythology like Sita, Draupadi, Radha, etc. Below is a strange but true story originating from Asia about a legendary woman.

Sita, the devoted wife of Lord Rama who is regarded as the incarnation of Supreme Lord Vishnu from a different perspective and her plight as a woman. In India, mothers still tell their daughters to be devoted to their husbands like the way Sita was. But have we looked at Sita as just a human being and not as a Goddess? If we look at her from this perspective, then we will notice that all her life she just suffered, mostly because of others. She dwelled in the thick bushes for fourteen years just for the sake of satisfying the male egos of her Father-in- law King Dashratha and husband Prince Rama. She was kidnapped from the forest because of the evil and lustful eyes of another male, The Lanka Ravana King. Of course, Rama fought for her and won her back. But after that, what he did? Asked her to show her purity. He asked her to go through the Agneepariksha to prove her state of purity as she was on the land of another male for one year. Sita went through the Agneepariksha and proved her purity. But was Rama pure, Sita could have asked him to prove his purity as he was also away from his wife for a year and was dwelling in various kingdoms?

Even after, Rama accepted her back, her plight continued and was abandoned to forest just because of a rumor. Sita was abandoned in the forest to die, but as luck favored, she was saved by sage Valmiki and found a resort in his ashram where she gave birth to the twins of Rama, Luv, and Kusha. It was Valmiki who gave protection and a place to live to Sita and her sons. During the due time, King Rama never bothered to query about her in those 12 years and whether the woman was dead or alive? Later, as the legend goes, King Rama reunited with his sons after the famous Ashwamedha Yagna.

But before taking Sita back into his life, Rama once again proclaimed, ‘ I am aware that Sita is totally pure and chaste, and Luv and Kusha are my children. She went through the Agneepariksha proving her purity, so I took my wife back. But people in my kingdom still had doubts on her, so as a rightful king and to keep the respect of my kingdom I abandoned her. Hence, let Sita prove her purity once again and I shall accept her.’

Guess, it was enough for Sita as she suffered a lot without an iota of a mistake from her side and she said, ‘I never imagined of anyone besides Rama even in my wildest dreams. So, let the ground open and cover me. As I have loved Rama always in thoughts, in words, and also in deeds, let Mother Nature open and bury me!’ After these words, the Mother earth opened her arms and welcomed Sita. Heavenly flowers bestowed in Sita and she went forever to the lap of Mother Earth, leaving her husband and sons behind.

This story implies that Sita rather preferred to die than returning to Rama who treated her no good.




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Brothers Reunited

Life works in mysterious ways and there are daily reminders that show the same fact to be more than true. Often, people believe that this mostly refers to strange and negative events that come about without any reason or purpose. But, at the same time, there are plenty of stories which showcase a completely different type of situation. In these stories good and unexpected things happen to good people when they least expect it. This tale is exactly one like that and it covers the topic of being lost and then unexpectedly found in the most unlikely of places.

In the town of Waldoboro, Maine, two workers in a furniture company were used to the story a lot of customers were telling them – the two of them looked so alike one another that they could be related. But, Gary Nisbet and Randy Joubert, who worked as furniture deliverymen in the small town mostly laughed at these remarks, knowing fully well that they are completely unrelated to each other. But, it would not be long before the saying that the customer is always right was proven correct. On one delivery in August 2009, another customer asked if the two of them were brothers. But that time, Joubert felt that something clicked in his mind so he asked Gary some details about his life. Joubert was adopted, so he went through the information he did know about his biological family and checked it with his co-worker. Gary confirmed many facts on his own when the two of them realized the incredible but true fact: the two of them were brothers.

The story was like something out of the movies. The two brothers were born only a year apart but grew up in two adoptive families in two towns nearby. They went to rival schools and spent time with friends and relatives, completely oblivious about one another. When they became adults, they both started to live in Waldoboro and did not know about one another. It was completely unbelievable, but at the same time, it was true and their adoption records underlined the same fact. But, the story does not end there. A few days later, when Randy and Gary only got used to the fact that they were brothers, a woman appeared in their store. With teary eyes, the woman called Joanne Campbell told them that she saw a local news report about their discovery and that she, quite shockingly, realized that she might be their half-sister. 41-year old had the paperwork that they examined and compared to their own, realizing that they indeed had an older half-sister.

But, this strange but true story had a sad beginning. Because of negligent parents, the three children along with a fourth sister were born in a family that could not take care of them. The two brothers were scattered across the adoption system, while the older sister reached adulthood within the crumbling family, but soon left it for good. In spite of all these trials and tribulations, all three of them were able to create successful and happy lives for themselves. The new and unexpected reunion will certainly make them even more content in their place in the world. At the same time, it shows that amazing strange but true stories really do happen.



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Kenyan female husbands

Africa is a magical continent with a diverse class of people. Many stories emanate from this continent that can be regarded as too strange to be true. The case if the female husbands of Kenya forms one of the strange but true story originating from Africa.

It came about as a weird cultural practice of the Nandi people, who are a sub-tribe of the Kalenjin group of people in Kenya. This is not the typical lesbian couple but a woman who marries another because of one or two reasons and lesbianism must be the last idea in their minds.

Reasons for woman to woman marriage

Woman to woman marriage in Kenya may be as a result of stigmatization. A man chases away his wife for several reasons best known to him, the most common one being barrenness. Then for lack of another suitor to settle with her, the woman seeks another woman she can marry and bear her children.

Seeking a suitor

This is akin to just any other courting that single men and women engage in. this stigmatized woman goes out of her way to look for another woman to be her suitor. They woo them and even have the audacity to visit their families for dowry negotiation. When the other family accepts this dowry, they are now free to live as a couple, yes, and a women-only couple which isn’t the conventional lesbian one.


Now this is where the interesting part comes in; the woman considered the ‘wife’ in this weird union is allowed to bear children with another man. In some situations, the ‘husband’ in this union arranges secretly to have their ‘wives’ sleep with some men who will help her conceive. The offspring will then be regarded as the two women’s kids for life, with the ‘husband’ acting as the social and legal father of the kids.’


Stories are told of a woman in Uasin Gishu county in the Rift Valley region of Kenya who was in a woman-woman marriage, and not only to a single woman but to four of them! I know it cannot get stranger than that, but this union is as polygamous as the heterosexual polygamist unions too.

This particular case was of an elderly woman who had her marriage to her initial husband fall apart as she was barren. Her 10-year marriage could not hold together after it was clear she could not give birth. Her husband chased her away, and she could not handle the stigmatization from the locals and community in general. She moved to a neighboring county where such unions happen and she found a home there.


This union has had its fair share of challenges too. There is competition from other men who eye her ‘wives’, and this woman has already lost two ‘wives’ to men who eloped with them, never to be seen again. The first two ‘wives’ sired two children each for her but they ran off with the men who helped them get pregnant.

This woman leaves all house chores for her two remaining ‘wives’ to handle as she exercises her ‘husband’ roles in the family like providing for food from her livestock.


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A Strange But True Story of the Dead Queen

There are plenty of unusual and intriguing stories of all sorts of people in medieval times engaging in some of the most unusual behaviors recorded. However, there is one story that truly stands out in that it entails a series of people being forced to honor a queen. Even more interestingly, the queen in this case is already dead.

The story of Ines de Castro is unique in that it entails the strong love that Peter I, the king of Portugal, held for her. This desire for her managed to last well after her death.

The story begins in 1339 when Peter I, the prince of Portugal and heir to the throne held by King Afonso IV, married another woman. He married Constance de Penafiel but she was not enough for him.

Peter soon started to fall for Ines de Castro. Her stepmother was one of Alfonso’s daughters. However, much of her relationship with the Castilian royal family that ruled Portugal at the time was illegitimate.

Peter and Ines loved each other for years. Afonso was not very happy about this and tried to get Ines out of his life when he realized that the infatuation he had for her was not going to wear off anytime soon.

In 1355, Alfonso called for Ines to be killed. She was decapitated in front of her own infant child.

Peter eventually found two of those killers in 1361. This came after 1537 when he became the king of Portgual. One of the first orders Peter issued was to find the three killers. He ordered the two that were found to be executed by ripping out their hearts. This came as Peter felt that they had broken his heart when they killed Ines.

Even with this, there was much more to his love for Ines that went on well beyond the grave. After he became king, Peter ordered for Ines’ body to be removed from her burial site. He then ordered her dead corpse to be decorated with full royal attire and with all the necessary jewels that the queen is to wear.

Her dead body was propped up on the throne. Peter then forced the nobles to kiss the hems of her garments. This was to show their utmost respect for her. Peter especially did this with the belief that by giving Ines this experience, she would posthumously receive the respect that she was supposed to have gotten when she was alive.

The love of Peter and his dead queen Ines is certainly an amazing story of medieval times. In fact, their love continues to be seen in terms of how the two are buried. They are buried at the Monastery of Alcobaca. Their graves are placed opposite of one another. This is done with the belief that during the Last Judgment, the two will be able to look at each other in the face when they rise from their graves. The coffins also have a message from Peter saying that they will be together “ate ao fim do mundo” – until the world ends.


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Hungry for more? The video below will give you chills!

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Ghost Story

Peter’s house was constructed back in 1904. It is a family home, concrete foundation and wood wall setting. Peter has been living there for around 12 years. Of all the strange things that he and his brother have seen or heard in this house, there is one occasion they won’t forget. It happened to one of their brothers. Around ten years back their sibling and his closest friends had begun a band which played most of the times “Spanish Rock,” which was alternative music however in Spanish. His friend could only manage to meet on Sunday evenings. They would play in the afternoon, and they would for the most of the times stop at 8 pm. This was the time Peter used to show up almost every day, cause he worked till late evening.

The days were getting shorter, and they had finished a long session when they chose to go to another house. Peter’s brother gave his car keys to his colleague so they could load up the music equipment. After loading, everybody was outside sitting in the truck waiting for Peter’s. He was walking up the back stairs when he remembered that he had left his pancakes in a container sitting on a speaker in the garage. He decided to go back. The garage was not well lit up, and he was to get his snack container once he clearly saw it.

He saw a like shadowy figure, in front of him, which filled him with fear and uneasiness. They had been instructed that if they were within sight of a ghost or a spirit and felt an awful vibe, to say a prayer or to cuss at it. Peter’s Brother filled with a lot of fear he said: “Holy God help me.”

Peter’s brother began to run to the back of the garage and energetically up the stairs, closing the door and turning off lights as he was running out of the garage. The living room was opened, and the light from street lamp flooded the whole house. Peter’s brother said he felt something at his back; however at no time did he dare to look back. As he flicked the last switch, the room lights went off, and the same happened to the rest of the house. After the door closed, and he couldn’t see who was closing them. He only heard movements inside the house. He screamed out loudly, and his friends came to see what was happening. His friends did not hear any movement or any noise. After his friends had come Peter’s brother did not hear any movement too. They all went to the truck and drove away.

The following day when Peter and both of his brothers were sleeping, they were woken by the noise of thing falling inside the house. This time round they saw the ghost of their dead father. In the midst of the night, they ran out of the house. They all fled, and nobody has ever dared return into the house up to today.


Can’t get enough ghost stories? Enjoy the spooky video below – though be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart!



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