Brothers Reunited

Life works in mysterious ways and there are daily reminders that show the same fact to be more than true. Often, people believe that this mostly refers to strange and negative events that come about without any reason or purpose. But, at the same time, there are plenty of stories which showcase a completely different type of situation. In these stories good and unexpected things happen to good people when they least expect it. This tale is exactly one like that and it covers the topic of being lost and then unexpectedly found in the most unlikely of places.

In the town of Waldoboro, Maine, two workers in a furniture company were used to the story a lot of customers were telling them – the two of them looked so alike one another that they could be related. But, Gary Nisbet and Randy Joubert, who worked as furniture deliverymen in the small town mostly laughed at these remarks, knowing fully well that they are completely unrelated to each other. But, it would not be long before the saying that the customer is always right was proven correct. On one delivery in August 2009, another customer asked if the two of them were brothers. But that time, Joubert felt that something clicked in his mind so he asked Gary some details about his life. Joubert was adopted, so he went through the information he did know about his biological family and checked it with his co-worker. Gary confirmed many facts on his own when the two of them realized the incredible but true fact: the two of them were brothers.

The story was like something out of the movies. The two brothers were born only a year apart but grew up in two adoptive families in two towns nearby. They went to rival schools and spent time with friends and relatives, completely oblivious about one another. When they became adults, they both started to live in Waldoboro and did not know about one another. It was completely unbelievable, but at the same time, it was true and their adoption records underlined the same fact. But, the story does not end there. A few days later, when Randy and Gary only got used to the fact that they were brothers, a woman appeared in their store. With teary eyes, the woman called Joanne Campbell told them that she saw a local news report about their discovery and that she, quite shockingly, realized that she might be their half-sister. 41-year old had the paperwork that they examined and compared to their own, realizing that they indeed had an older half-sister.

But, this strange but true story had a sad beginning. Because of negligent parents, the three children along with a fourth sister were born in a family that could not take care of them. The two brothers were scattered across the adoption system, while the older sister reached adulthood within the crumbling family, but soon left it for good. In spite of all these trials and tribulations, all three of them were able to create successful and happy lives for themselves. The new and unexpected reunion will certainly make them even more content in their place in the world. At the same time, it shows that amazing strange but true stories really do happen.



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