Ghost Story

Peter’s house was constructed back in 1904. It is a family home, concrete foundation and wood wall setting. Peter has been living there for around 12 years. Of all the strange things that he and his brother have seen or heard in this house, there is one occasion they won’t forget. It happened to one of their brothers. Around ten years back their sibling and his closest friends had begun a band which played most of the times “Spanish Rock,” which was alternative music however in Spanish. His friend could only manage to meet on Sunday evenings. They would play in the afternoon, and they would for the most of the times stop at 8 pm. This was the time Peter used to show up almost every day, cause he worked till late evening.

The days were getting shorter, and they had finished a long session when they chose to go to another house. Peter’s brother gave his car keys to his colleague so they could load up the music equipment. After loading, everybody was outside sitting in the truck waiting for Peter’s. He was walking up the back stairs when he remembered that he had left his pancakes in a container sitting on a speaker in the garage. He decided to go back. The garage was not well lit up, and he was to get his snack container once he clearly saw it.

He saw a like shadowy figure, in front of him, which filled him with fear and uneasiness. They had been instructed that if they were within sight of a ghost or a spirit and felt an awful vibe, to say a prayer or to cuss at it. Peter’s Brother filled with a lot of fear he said: “Holy God help me.”

Peter’s brother began to run to the back of the garage and energetically up the stairs, closing the door and turning off lights as he was running out of the garage. The living room was opened, and the light from street lamp flooded the whole house. Peter’s brother said he felt something at his back; however at no time did he dare to look back. As he flicked the last switch, the room lights went off, and the same happened to the rest of the house. After the door closed, and he couldn’t see who was closing them. He only heard movements inside the house. He screamed out loudly, and his friends came to see what was happening. His friends did not hear any movement or any noise. After his friends had come Peter’s brother did not hear any movement too. They all went to the truck and drove away.

The following day when Peter and both of his brothers were sleeping, they were woken by the noise of thing falling inside the house. This time round they saw the ghost of their dead father. In the midst of the night, they ran out of the house. They all fled, and nobody has ever dared return into the house up to today.


Can’t get enough ghost stories? Enjoy the spooky video below – though be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart!



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