The Plight of an Indian Woman, Sita

The various mythologies of India played a crucial role in shaping the present India and so the women in those mythologies. Many Asian women worship and respect the ladies of the Indian mythology like Sita, Draupadi, Radha, etc. Below is a strange but true story originating from Asia about a legendary woman.

Sita, the devoted wife of Lord Rama who is regarded as the incarnation of Supreme Lord Vishnu from a different perspective and her plight as a woman. In India, mothers still tell their daughters to be devoted to their husbands like the way Sita was. But have we looked at Sita as just a human being and not as a Goddess? If we look at her from this perspective, then we will notice that all her life she just suffered, mostly because of others. She dwelled in the thick bushes for fourteen years just for the sake of satisfying the male egos of her Father-in- law King Dashratha and husband Prince Rama. She was kidnapped from the forest because of the evil and lustful eyes of another male, The Lanka Ravana King. Of course, Rama fought for her and won her back. But after that, what he did? Asked her to show her purity. He asked her to go through the Agneepariksha to prove her state of purity as she was on the land of another male for one year. Sita went through the Agneepariksha and proved her purity. But was Rama pure, Sita could have asked him to prove his purity as he was also away from his wife for a year and was dwelling in various kingdoms?

Even after, Rama accepted her back, her plight continued and was abandoned to forest just because of a rumor. Sita was abandoned in the forest to die, but as luck favored, she was saved by sage Valmiki and found a resort in his ashram where she gave birth to the twins of Rama, Luv, and Kusha. It was Valmiki who gave protection and a place to live to Sita and her sons. During the due time, King Rama never bothered to query about her in those 12 years and whether the woman was dead or alive? Later, as the legend goes, King Rama reunited with his sons after the famous Ashwamedha Yagna.

But before taking Sita back into his life, Rama once again proclaimed, ‘ I am aware that Sita is totally pure and chaste, and Luv and Kusha are my children. She went through the Agneepariksha proving her purity, so I took my wife back. But people in my kingdom still had doubts on her, so as a rightful king and to keep the respect of my kingdom I abandoned her. Hence, let Sita prove her purity once again and I shall accept her.’

Guess, it was enough for Sita as she suffered a lot without an iota of a mistake from her side and she said, ‘I never imagined of anyone besides Rama even in my wildest dreams. So, let the ground open and cover me. As I have loved Rama always in thoughts, in words, and also in deeds, let Mother Nature open and bury me!’ After these words, the Mother earth opened her arms and welcomed Sita. Heavenly flowers bestowed in Sita and she went forever to the lap of Mother Earth, leaving her husband and sons behind.

This story implies that Sita rather preferred to die than returning to Rama who treated her no good.




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